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This is a Harry Potter community for Filipino fans who read, enjoy, and follow J.K. Rowling's groundbreaking Harry Potter series. Whether you are a fan of the books, the movies, or both, as long as you're Pinoy, this is the community for you.

Community Rules

1. Community posts are unmoderated so it is requested that members observe proper decorum (i.e. polite and pleasant demeanour). We are all fans here and offensive, uncalled-for arguments and language will not be tolerated. That being said, friendly debates and discussions are most welcome.

2. As much as possible, please avoid using netspeak and/or text lingo in posts. It's the least we can do in this rapidly declining coherent world. Besides, what would JKR say? ^^

3. Try to keep posts on topic as possible. Linking to a post on your journal is fine if you think it would be more appropriate.

4. Bashing and flaming other fans just because their interests or opinions are different from yours will also not be tolerated. If you think you'll have a problem with that, take it up with the moderator.

5. This community is SLASH-friendly. However, posts of this topic are to be put under an lj cut (with a warning, of course). If you need help on how to put an lj cut, go here for a tutorial.

6. Fanfiction and Fanart are most welcome. Linking off-community is fine, otherwise, content must be put under a cut.

Please follow the format below as header for fanfic posts:

Title: Title Of Story
Author: Author of Story/Artwork - LJ Username
Genre: Slash? Angst? Humor? Romance?
Rating: G through NC-17; According to the MPAA regulations
Warnings: Kink/Fetish/Sexual Perversion, Violence, Spoilers, Character Death, Rape/Non-consensual, Alternate-Reality, Alternate-Universe, Angst, Bestiality, Partner Betrayal, Chan, etc.
Summary: Brief summary of your story.
Length/Word Count

For Fanart:

Title: Title Of Art
Artist: Author of Artwork - LJ Username
Rating: G through NC-17; According to the MPAA regulations
Warnings: worksafe or non-worksafe

Recs are welcome as long as the author/artist is properly credited in the post before linking.

7. In relation to numbers 5 and 6, this community is also SHIPPER-friendly. Feel free to discuss what your ships are and why you ship them. HOWEVER, bashing other ships just because theirs contradict yours will not be tolerated. Special mention to H/Hr vs. R/Hr shippers. *grins*

8. Any post that contains more than one photo should be put under an lj-cut.

9. Any complaints about certain members or posts should be emailed to the moderator.

pinoy_hp is currently looking for Affiliates. If you're interested, please contact the moderator.

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