n (delicatinelity) wrote in pinoy_hp,

I don't know if you guys will like this set... but I liked them anyway. I slaved over the lot of them, so comments would be nice. xD Enjoy!

Icons/Wallpaper:Daniel and Emma (ET Weekly Outtakes!), PoA, Ginny, Ships (C/C, C/F, D/G, D/Hr, D/P, F/Hr, H/G, H/Hr, R/Hr), Goblet of Fire, Veronica Mars and D/E wallpaper
Total: 70 icons and 2 wallpapers

[x] Comment if your taking any.
[x] Credit either delicatinelity or _amoreincauto in keywords.
[x] Resources may be found here.
[x] Awards I have won can be found here.


icons here

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